Six reasons to buy this flat

Six Reasons to Buy this Apartment

If you are looking for an apartment to buy in Cambridgeshire then look no further.  Here are six reasons why this apartment could be the answer to all your dreams:

Ideal for entertaining – The open plan lounge/kitchen means the conversation need never stop. Your guests can be sat chatting on the sofa and you won’t miss any gossip while you make that brew or cook up a fantastic feast. Open plan living has many benefits, even if you are dining alone. You can cook your dinner and watch your favourite TV show at the same time.

Small is beautiful – Don’t let the size put you off. Have you ever heard the expression, ‘You don’t own your possessions, your possessions own you.’? Well it is true but this flat encourages you to be ruthless. Rid yourself of those useless bits of tat, live a minimalist lifestyle and travel through life lightly.  And, for those things you just can’t live without; just make use of the clever storage solutions. Also, fewer rooms mean less cleaning and it costs virtually nothing to heat!

No hassle from neighbours – The front door is accessed from the street meaning you don’t have to deal with dodgy unlit stairwells or make awkward small talk while passing neighbours on the stairs. Also, the building is old and built to last and the walls are thick. So, if the neighbours, or you, are noisy, who cares? You won’t hear them and they won’t hear you!

Prime location – There is a pub right across the road, a pharmacy, doctor’s surgery, nursery and community centre just around the corner, and two supermarkets within a 100 meter radius. If that is not enough, there are many more quaint shops and pubs in the town centre which is just a five minute walk down the road. Peterborough, St Ives and Huntingdon are just a 20 minute drive away and, if you hate sitting in traffic jams, a big bonus of rural towns is that the roads are empty!

Ghost free good vibes – Old buildings are full of character and quirks. But what if it is haunted? There is no need to worry about that here. This apartment has nothing but good vibes and happy memories, well for the eight years I have been living here anyway!

Investment – So we all know that property prices have dropped and are told they will one day rise again. Right now, this apartment is dirt cheap! I’m no mathematician but with similar local flats fetching around £400 per month in rent, this could be a nice little earner for any aspiring landlord or property mogul.

‘If the apartment is that good, why sell it?’ I hear you ask. It is a fair question. I love this apartment and have enjoyed my time here. The only trouble is, it is too far from my work. If I could pick it up and plonk it closer to work I would. So, if you are interested, what are you waiting for? Put in an offer and you could be the proud owner of this wonderful property soon.


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