Sunflower Contest – Update #1

All the sunflower seeds have made it to the baby sunflower phase!

Moomin Mama’s was the first to appear after just five days and by day ten, when John’s plant showed up, all the contestants’ seeds had sprouted.

Baby sunflowers
Baby sunflowers

Of the 14 main competitors, Princess’s, Kirsty’s, Coops’ and Moomin Papa’s plants look the biggest and Clarky’s shoot is the smallest.

There’s a long way to go yet though!

All six subs are looking strong and will be hoping for a sunflower casualty to get themselves in the game.

Things will get interesting when the sunflowers move to Fort Bull-Knox and could well be eaten by the resident lawn-mowers, Pongo and Indie!

White rabbit and black rabbit in a garden
Pongo and Indie



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