Sunflower Contest – Update #11 – Game Over

The Annual Fort Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest is over with no plants surviving to flower!

The rabbits were caught behind the netting this morning (Monday) and as pictured above had felled Moomin Papa’s and Nicky’s sunflowers.

Just Debbie’s and Elena’s flowers remained and the netting was restored. However, just a few hours later Elena’s sunflower had also been slain leaving Debbie’s plant as the last flower standing.


The outlook for Debbie’s sunflower was bleak though as the bunnies had discovered how to pull out the pegs to release the netting.


And sure enough, by nightfall the rabbits had found their way back in and munched through the stalk of the final flower.


So that’s it. None of the 14 starting sunflowers or the six subs made it to the measuring stage and the 2015 competition is over.

I hope you have enjoyed the contest…I’m sure the bunnies did!


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