Weird Ways Your Country Could Win Euro 2016!

UEFA Euro 2016 kicks off on 10th June 2016! Excitement is mounting as football fans wonder if their team can actually win it this time.

The answer is, yes they can! Games can be won by wonder strikes, super saves or creative passing. Even top-class teams occasionally win by a fluke goal or dodgy decision. And there have been some even weirder ways teams have won important matches:

By winning a coin toss – Italy got through to the 1968 UEFA Euro final by winning a coin toss after the semi-final ended in a draw. The final also ended in a draw but this time it went to a rematch and Italy won to lift the trophy!

By scoring an own goal – Barbados deliberately kicked the ball into their own net to qualify for the 1994 Shell Caribbean Cup. They were winning 2-1 but needed to win by two goals. Time was running out so they booted the ball in their own goal to take the game to extra time. They then scored in extra time where goals counted twice and qualified!

By failing to qualify – Denmark failed to qualify for the UEFA Euro tournament in 1992. However, they were offered a last minute place when the Yugoslavian team was kicked out due to a war in their country. Denmark went on to win the tournament.

So, whoever your team, there is always a chance! Enjoy the tournament.


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