And they were all yellow!

All the flowers in the Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest 2018 have bloomed!

The competitors, in blooming order, can be seen below:

Holts (some tampering may have occurred here)
Team USA



Unfortunately, Gramps fell to the floor and was eaten by the bunnies.

The winners were Bulls (tallest) and Naughty (prettiest).

Bulls was the tallest sunflower
Naughty was the prettiest flower

Thanks again to all who took part or followed the contest.

See you all next year.

2 thoughts on “And they were all yellow!”

  1. I love sunflowers! This is a wonderful idea that could work for a future lesson plan on Van Gogh. Students could plan the seeds, paint the pots, name the sunflower, and wait for the plant to grow. Also they could write a reflection on the process and final result. The winner could win ….. maybe a week with no homework?
    Love this idea !

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