The Future of St Neots – A Collaborative Story

Thank you to everyone who participated in the creation of a collaborative story at the Future Takeover event at the Art and Soul cafe, St Neots, yesterday. The story took exciting turns from parking to pubs, and finally into the future:

The Future of St Neots

It was an exciting day for the people of St Neots.

I found a car parking space. £3 for 24 hours . . . I could be here for a while.

I looked around me, taking in the hustle and bustle of the busy people in the car park. Where is he going? What is he doing?

I made my way to Art and Soul. Would I get some cake and coffee . . . or maybe something more.

Whilst at the cafe, I checked my mobile phone. I had received a mysterious text message inviting me to meet someone at the Pig and Falcon.

Should I go? Was it a wrong number? I decided to take a risk and check it out.

I was within a few yards of the pub when my nerves got the better of me. What am I doing? What would my mum say?

Unfortunately for me my mum is quite a wild child so asking myself this question often leads me towards adventure not away from it! So, I looked around me and stepped towards the door to the pub. I pushed it tentatively and peered inside.

I was completely shocked by what I saw.

Standing at the bar, holding a glass of white wine was a lady dressed as a Jedi or maybe she was, in fact, a Jedi. She spotted me and said, “Fancy going on a bit of a journey? I’m going to show you what St Neots looks like in the future.”

Before I knew it I was off to Priory Park, which was now a Wookie settlement. I was greeted by a creature who claimed to be Chewbacca’s brother.

He said, “St Neots is far more interesting than the Millennium Falcon. This is really what the future will look like.”

And then he took me on a tour of St Neots, through the parks and along the river and into some pubs. We ended up at the Market Square where hundreds of people gathered and held aloft their light sabres to mark the anniversary of the day the Jedi lady came to town.


Louise Sboui

Emma Charter

Jan Sandrell

John Taylor

Daniel Billing

Marion Bull

Laura Melling

Claire Knox

Emma Clark

Christian Payne

Michelle (from Collusion)

Tevin Muendo

Oliver Morley


Thanks to all the contributors as well as Collusion and Neotists for providing a great event to consider and shape the  future  of the town.


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