Dad planting sunflowers

The Sunflowers Arrive at Fort Bull-Knox

The competitors in the Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest 2019 have left the safety of the Moomins’ garden and entered Fort Bull-Knox.

Arrival of the sunflowers 2019
The sunflowers are welcomed to Fort Bull-Knox
Dad with Sprilbey the sunflower
Sprilbey was the first to go in the ground
Sunflowers along the side fence
Contestants along the side fence and their current height:
Steclaire, 11 cm
Sprilbey, 25 cm
Bull-Knox, 35 cm
Pears, 26 cm
Moomins, 25 cm
Gramps, 31cm
Ricarah, 30 cm
Team USA, 31 cm
Bears, 32 cm
Holts, 24 cm

Contestants along the front fence and their current height:
Helomi, 9 cm
Buddha, 7 cm
Shmelling, 31 cm
Daisy, 29 cm
Baby G, 35 cm
Dennis the Menace, 24 cm
Naughty, 23 cm
Sunflowers along the front fence

Baby G and Bull-Knox (ahem) are out in front at the moment, both at 35 cm. Bears are close behind at 32 cm and Shmelling, Team USA, and Gramps are hot on their heels at 31 cm.

Steclaire, Helomi, and Buddha were late sprouters and have some catching up to do.

As Knoxie’s birthday barbeque is taking a fallow year, the  judging date for the competition is to be confirmed.


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