And the winners of the Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest 2020 are…

Naughty is the tallest flower of 2020, measuring in at a whopping 295cm. Carmma was determined to be the prettiest flower of the contest.

Naughty was so tall the judges had difficulty reaching the top to take the measurement.

Diane collected the prize on behalf of Naughty.

Measurements and judges comments for all competitors are below:

Sunflower Height in cms Judges comments
Naughty 295 Championi, championi, ole, ole, ole
Sprilbey 247 Wished it lived next door
Moomins 244 Good girth
Dennis 240 Solid candidate
Baby G 237 G for gorgeous
Steclaire 237 Furry
Bears 224 Late for the yellow BBQ
Shmelling 222 Big head
Gramps 215 Uninspiring
Team USA 210 Looks like Mr Tickle
Flower 210 Didn’t stick to its own lane
Carmma 189 Magnificent specimen
Holts 186 Disappointing
Wooper 172 Looks like it’s praying
Fozzy 164 Late for the party
Buddha 161 Late for the party
Knoxley 130 Knoxley sized head
Helomi 127 Late for the party
Bull-Knox 110 Proof the competition is not fixed
Carmma, the prettiest flower.

So that concludes the Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest 2020. Congratulations to the winners. And to the losers, there is always next year!


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