The Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest is back!

The Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest is back for 2022 and this time it’s even more magical!

The sunflowers are competing on behalf of the Hogwarts houses. And, not wanting to exclude the non magical folk, there is also a team for muggles.

Join your team here:

Not sure which Hogwarts house you belong in? Take the test here (or, if you don’t know what a Hogwarts house is, you are probably a muggle):


Each team consists of two sunflowers. On judging day (usually early August) the flowers are measured. The following points will be awarded:

Tallest = 100 points

2nd tallest = 90 points

3rd tallest = 80 points

4th tallest = 70 points

5th tallest = 60 points

6th tallest = 50 points

7th tallest = 40 points

8th tallest = 30 points

9th tallest = 20 points

Smallest = 10 points

Deceased, eaten by rabbits, fallen, missing = 0 points

The team with the most points wins!

Prize = House/muggle pride

Sign up to show your allegiance. Or just follow along.

Good luck!


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