Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest 2022 Group shot 2

Clever Team Ravenclaw and Cunning Team Slytherin top the leaderboard

The sunflowers in the Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest 2022 have been measured again to track their progress.

Hufflepuff 1 is the tallest sunflower at this stage (40 cm) but its teammate, Hufflepuff 2, is one of the smallest. This means Team Hufflepuff sit mid table on the House Points Leaderboard.

Team Ravenclaw and Team Slytherin seem to have figured out their tactics, realising they need both flowers to grow high for a team win.

SunflowerHeight in cms 15/05/2022
Hufflepuff 140
Ravenclaw 135
Slytherin 132
Slytherin 232
Ravenclaw 232
Muggle 231
Gryffindor 131
Muggle 130
Hufflepuff 230
Gryffindor 227

Team Muggle have gone from top to second bottom of the leaderboard, and Team Gryffindor, well, maybe they are saving themselves for a big finish.

See the scoring system here.

House Points Leaderboard:

Team Ravenclaw150
Team Slytherin150
Team Hufflepuff120
Team Muggle80
Team Gryffindor50

Check out the teams here.

Thank you for following and getting behind your favorite team.


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