Team Hufflepuff Take the Lead

Team Hufflepuff’s herbology skills are paying off. Both their flowers have grown by over 20 cms since the last measurements were taken two weeks ago. Professor Sprout would be proud! Can they hang on to the top spot until judging day at the end of July.

SunflowerHeight in cms 15/05/2022
Hufflepuff 161
Ravenclaw 153
Hufflepuff 253
Slytherin 151
Ravenclaw 249
Muggle 248
Gryffindor 146
Slytherin 244
Muggle 139
Gryffindor 237

House Points Leaderboard:

Team Hufflepuff180
Team Ravenclaw150
Team Slytherin100
Team Muggle80
Team Gryffindor50


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