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The Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest: Update

The sunflowers in the Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest 2019 have been measured and guess who’s out in front so far? Bull-Knox!

The competitors in height order are below along with a one word description:

Bull-Knox, 140 cm, tall

Bears, 134 cm, wonky

Gramps, 132 cm, leafy

Team USA, 130 cm, sturdy

Pears, 129 cm, handsome

Shmelling, 129 cm, yellowy

Ricarah, 125 cm, steady

Daisy, 122 cm, holey

Dennis the menace, 118 cm, lanky

Baby G, 117 cm, speckly

Sprilby, 109 cm, curvy

Naughty, 107 cm, bendy

Holts, 102 cm, straight

Moomins, 97 cm, skinny

Steclaire, 96 cm, dainty

Buddha, 88 cm, thin

Helomi, 86 cm, pretty

Sunflowers against the side fence
Side fence sunflowers
Sunflowers along the front fence
Front fence sunflowers

The Sunflowers Arrive at Fort Bull-Knox

The competitors in the Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest 2019 have left the safety of the Moomins’ garden and entered Fort Bull-Knox.

Arrival of the sunflowers 2019
The sunflowers are welcomed to Fort Bull-Knox
Dad with Sprilbey the sunflower
Sprilbey was the first to go in the ground
Sunflowers along the side fence
Contestants along the side fence and their current height:
Steclaire, 11 cm
Sprilbey, 25 cm
Bull-Knox, 35 cm
Pears, 26 cm
Moomins, 25 cm
Gramps, 31cm
Ricarah, 30 cm
Team USA, 31 cm
Bears, 32 cm
Holts, 24 cm

Contestants along the front fence and their current height:
Helomi, 9 cm
Buddha, 7 cm
Shmelling, 31 cm
Daisy, 29 cm
Baby G, 35 cm
Dennis the Menace, 24 cm
Naughty, 23 cm
Sunflowers along the front fence

Baby G and Bull-Knox (ahem) are out in front at the moment, both at 35 cm. Bears are close behind at 32 cm and Shmelling, Team USA, and Gramps are hot on their heels at 31 cm.

Steclaire, Helomi, and Buddha were late sprouters and have some catching up to do.

As Knoxie’s birthday barbeque is taking a fallow year, the  judging date for the competition is to be confirmed.

It’s Begun! The Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest 2019

The Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest 2019 has begun. The annual competition has more twists, turns, cliff hangers and deaths than Game of Thrones as competitors race to reach the sky.

This years’ sunflowers, in no particular order, are below:











Team USA


Dennis the Menace


Baby G



To avoid being eaten by rabbits the 2019 competition has been moved to the Bull-Knox front garden. Who knows what dangers will await there.

And they were all yellow!

All the flowers in the Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest 2018 have bloomed!

The competitors, in blooming order, can be seen below:

Holts (some tampering may have occurred here)
Team USA



Unfortunately, Gramps fell to the floor and was eaten by the bunnies.

The winners were Bulls (tallest) and Naughty (prettiest).

Bulls was the tallest sunflower
Naughty was the prettiest flower

Thanks again to all who took part or followed the contest.

See you all next year.

Bloomin’ ‘eck

Me: Is there a prize for the first flower to bloom?

Also me: No.

Me again: Damn!

The first bloomer is Bull-Knox

Now the pressure of the Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest 2018 is over, some competitors have come out of their shells.

Bull-Knox was the first to open up, shortly followed by Gramps and Team USA.

Naughty, who has already been crowned the prettiest flower, is also starting to peek out at the world and reveal her beauty.

Stay tuned for more pictures of all the competitors.

And the Winners are . . .

The judging of the Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest 2018 took place on Saturday 28th July at Knoxie’s zoo themed birthday barbecue.

Party animals
Party animals

The biggest sunflowers were measured and Bulls, measuring in at 111 cm, was crowned the tallest. Bulls also won the first Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest in 2014. They were delighted to regain the title and take home another cheap, plastic, solar-powered, dancing sunflower.

Bulls win the Bull-Knox sunflower contest 2018
Bulls aim high

Despite none of the sunflowers blooming in time for the judging, Knoxie’s Uncle Mick was able to use his super-sensory, cheetah skills to determine  Naughty as the prettiest flower and winner of the Indie Award.

Naughty wins the Indie Award in the Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest 2018
Naughty but nice

Holts, who had failed to appear throughout the whole contest, made a slightly suspicious late appearance on the judging day. However,  at just 50 cm it was still the shortest of the bunch.

Sunflower windmill
Better late than never

The final standings for the Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest 2018 are below:

  1. Bulls – 111 cm
  2. Naughty – 95 cm
  3. Bull-Knox – 92 cm
  4. Sparkly – 88 cm
  5. Team USA – 87 cm
  6. Gramps – 84 cm
  7. Shmelling – 83 cm
  8. Helomi – 83 cm
  9. Bears – 82 cm
  10. Sprilbey – 75 cm
  11. Buddha – 68 cm
  12. Pears – 52 cm
  13. Holts – 50 cm

Well done to all competitors, you’re all winners in my eyes!

Bulls are Enjoying the Sun

Who loves the sun? Sunflowers and Bulls do.

Bulls is now top of the table in the Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest 2018. A big shout out also goes to previous bottom of the table dwellers, Sparkly and Helomi, who have embraced the sunshine and shot up to joint third place.

The current standings are below:

  1. Bulls – 82 cm
  2. Naughty – 69 cm
  3. Sparkly – 66 cm
  4. Helomi – 66 cm
  5. Bears – 64 cm
  6. Team USA – 63 cm
  7.  Bull-Knox – 63 cm
  8. Shmelling – 58 cm
  9. Gramps – 56 cm
  10. Buddha – 55cm
  11. Sprilbey – 48 cm
  12. Pears – 40 cm
  13. Holts – 0 cm

Naughty Sunflower Chased by Bulls and Bears

Naughty is leading the way in the Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest 2018. Bulls is currently the second tallest with Bears and Shmelling close behind.

The measurements and rankings as of this morning (14th June) are below:

1. Naughty – 35 cm
2. Bulls – 31 cm
3. Bears – 30 cm
4. Shmelling – 30 cm
5. Gramps – 28 cm
6. Team USA – 28 cm
7. Pears – 22 cm
8. Sprilbey – 20 cm
9. Bull-Knox – 15 cm
10. Sparkly – 14 cm
11. Buddha – 12 cm
12. Helomi – 10 cm
13. Holts – 0 cm

Left to right: Helomi, Bulls, Sprilbey, Pears, Bears, Shmelling, Bull-Knox, Gramps, Holts, Naughty, Team USA, Buddha, Sparkly.

Those at the bottom of the table should not despair. All flowers are in with a chance of winning the Indie Award for the prettiest flower. And, the bigger the flower the more likely it is to fall from the fence and be eaten by rabbits!