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Exclusive Excerpt: Pagan Light Series by JoAnne Keltner

Pagan Light Series
by JoAnne Keltner
About Possessed (formerly titled Goth Girl, Virgin Queen), Book 1:
Calling Jackie psychic makes her cringe. But Jackie’s no normal seventeen-year-old. She picks up emotions from people and objects like a freak. The emotions make her sick, and the guilt she feels for lying to her church when she was twelve causes her to deny her psychic abilities. But when her jealous friend Trish invites a demon to help her steal Jason’s love for Jackie, Jackie must learn how to use her gift to protect Jason and herself and to heal the negative energies around them. To do so means she must overcome her guilt and accept who she is before the demon claims her soul.
Print book page count: 335
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About Spellbound, Book 2:
After battling a demon from her great-grandmother’s past, Jackie Turov, a psychic and healer, accepts that all things are possible—even a romantic relationship with the young seminarian, David. But after an elderly church member, an immigrant from Russia, accuses Jackie and her great-grandmother, Babu, of being witches, Jackie questions if Babu was once an evil witch or just someone blessed with healing light. As Jackie sets out to find the truth about Babu’s troubling past, and ultimately about herself, her future with David hangs in the balance.
Print book page count: 376
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Read an Exclusive Excerpt from book 2:

Jackie rushed Babu from the church. Outside, a cold March gale cut through the thin jersey of Jackie’s skirt and ruffled the flaps of her headscarf and trench coat.

Babu gripped her upturned coat collar to protect her neck. Her eyes were sad and watery.

What was Babu not telling her? What was she hiding?

As Jackie drove her clunky Oldsmobile home, Babu, silent and contemplative, clutched her purse and stared out the window. She let out a weary sigh now and then.

Jackie wasn’t sure where to begin in asking about Babu’s past. Despite their language differences, she and Babu typically communicated without a problem with simple day-to-day banter, but to communicate with Babu about what she had picked up from Mrs. Kevich and what she had said would take a lot more Russian nouns and verbs than Jackie had in her arsenal.

David’s translation services were out of the question. She didn’t want him to know any more about Babu than what he and she had learned after the possession fiasco. It was bad enough that David hadn’t been thrilled that to get rid of the demon, Babu had used a crystal paperweight, a pewter letter opener, and a channeling technique to open up a portal to send it back to the underworld and that his holy water and scripture reading had only agitated it.

Babu had assuaged the situation by saying these things were just instruments and that the real power came from the heart. And that’s where Jackie had left her questions about Babu’s life in Russia, never wondering what it was like before she had given up her pagan ways.

But now Mrs. Kevich’s accusations brought so many questions to mind. Was Babu the one who had frightened Mrs. Kevich as a girl? Did she cause those people to suffer and die? And why did Mrs. Kevich call Babu and her witches?

Even if Mrs. Kevich kept quiet about what she knew or thought she knew, it was more than that which troubled Jackie. Babu had the gift to heal just as Jackie did. What if they had this ability and many more paranormal abilities because they were witches—like a genetic thing she could never put behind her?

Jackie gripped the steering wheel and bit her lip. Her stomach grew queasy. As much as she dreaded what she might uncover, she had to find out more about Babu, more about herself, before her relationship with David went any further. A priest married to a psychic was maybe tolerable, but a priest married to a witch—an abomination!

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Exclusive Excerpt: Shelf Life by Rob Gregson

Welcome to the Virtual Book Tour and Exclusive Excerpt for Shelf Life!


About the Book:

Young bookseller Cathy Finn is having a bad day. First, there’s the assassin’s bullet. Then comes the realisation that she’s been living in a work of fiction. Worse, she wasn’t even the main character.

Cathy’s quiet, bit-part life may be over, but her troubles are only beginning. Her last day on Earth is also her first as a citizen of New Tybet. For over four hundred years, its people have been rescuing those destined to die in other narratives, but now the system is faltering. A saboteur is at work and Cathy will have to stop him if she’s ever going to find a way home. Failure could maroon her forever and spark a revolution that sets all the worlds of literature ablaze.


Exclusive Excerpt:

Silence. Only the beginnings of the pistol’s muffled report reached Finn’s ears and then all sound abruptly ceased. The bookshop’s organic murmurings, the noise from the road outside; all of it vanished at once.

So – death was silence. Well, that was one mystery solved.

She’d blinked at the instant her visitor had fired – an instinctive, pathetically ineffectual response – and she’d held her breath. Now, as she let it out, she heard the movement of the air. Against the perfect stillness, the sound was startling.

She opened an eye.

The scene hadn’t changed, but it was stopped; a frozen moment. An orange-grey floret of smoke bloomed from the killer’s gun, but it hung there, quiet and harmless, like a sculpted thing planted in the barrel. Beyond it, still visible, the stranger’s incongruous smile.

She opened the other eye.

Thirty seconds. Go.”

Her whole body flinched. The voice – a woman’s, crisp and businesslike – had come from her left, from the cupboard under her stairs, and that didn’t make sense at all.

The cupboard door vanished, bright light spilled into the shop and a tall, silhouetted figure ducked through the frame.

“Cathy Finn?” A darkly-uniformed man strode towards her, one muscular arm outstretched. Behind him, another figure was emerging.

Book Details:

Print Length: 338 pages
Publisher: Mirror World Publishing; 1 edition (http://www.mirrorworldpublishing.com)
Publication Date: July 17, 2019
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Language: English

Genre(s): Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Literary Mashup, Parallel Worlds, Comedy

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Meet the Author:

Rob Gregson spent much of his youth reading fantasy novels, immersing himself in role playing games and generally doing everything possible to avoid the real world. In his defence, we’re talking about the late 1980s – a time when ridiculous hair, hateful pop music and soaring unemployment were all very popular – so it wasn’t altogether a bad decision. However, had he abandoned the realms of wizardry at an earlier age, he might have developed one or two useful life skills and he would almost certainly have found it easier to get a girlfriend. Rob lives in Lancashire and has two children, although he has absolutely no idea why anyone should find that interesting.

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