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Seven Reasons to Attend the St Neots Film Festival

The St Neots Film Festival is almost here! If you haven’t got your ticket yet then what are you waiting for?

Festival details

Dates: Monday 7th and Thursday 10th November at Cineworld and
Friday 11th November at Loves Farm House

Times: 6pm to 9pm

Tickets: £8 for a festival pass (both nights at Cineworld), £5 for one evening at Cineworld, £2.50 for the final evening at Loves Farm House (available on the door)

Buy tickets here.

Here are seven great reasons why you should go:

To be entertained

Clearly the main highlight of a film festival is the films. Filmmakers have been submitting their short movies throughout the year and the organisers have selected the best to be showcased at the festival. Films are a maximum of 20 minutes long. This is great for people with a short attention span (like me) and means you get to see a diverse selection of films each evening.

To discover local talent

Films have been submitted from local children, teens and adults. Movies by Cambridge based film making groups Little Victories Films and Ruptured Screen will be on show as will short films made by St Neots based Channel 7 Productions.

To support the local community

The event has been organised by local people who are keen to unveil film making talent. The festival has gained support from sponsors including Lovett Sales and Lettings, Neotists, St Neots Film Club and Cineworld.

To meet great people

Grab your popcorn and settle down for a top evening of entertainment. But take a look around. You could be sitting alongside the stars, directors and producers of the films you are watching.

To see your home town on the big screen

I love seeing places I have been on films.  With many films made by local people on show, there is a high chance that the settings will be the places you know and love too.

It’s great value for money

Festival passes (for both evenings at Cineworld) are £8. The final evening at Loves Farm House is just £2.50. Where else can you get three evenings’ (nine hours’) worth of entertainment for £10.50?

To be inspired

The films will definitely entertain, probably make you think, and maybe even inspire you to go out and create something awesome yourself.

See you there!

Buy tickets here.

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Make a Movie on Your Phone and See it on the Big Screen

St Neots Film Festival is calling for submissions. And with the amazing technology in smartphones, and a little bit of imagination and creativity, you can shoot a great movie.

Film makers can be any age and do not need to be experts. Why not press record and have a go?

Once you have an idea, write out a script, assemble your cast and get filming. Practise makes perfect so don’t expect to film a BAFTA winner first time around. Experiment with your phone, try filming in different lights and test out the settings on your camera.

It’s possible to edit your film on your phone and there are many apps available. However, you may find it easier to edit on a PC using Windows Movie Maker or another programme. Again, there are plenty to choose from. Check out techradar’s article: Best free video editing software: 2016’s top movie making applications.

Submit your short film (up to 20 minutes) online here: http://stneotsfilmfestival.co.uk/ and you could see it on the big screen at St Neots Film Festival this Autumn.

Happy movie making.