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Two Gryffindors Dead as Slytherin Wins Contest

The Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest came to a grizzly end yesterday with six of the ten competing sunflowers, including both Gryffindors, declared dead.

The four surviving flowers were judged to declare the tallest sunflower the winner: Slytherin!

None of the flowers excelled well this contest. This may have been due to the pots being too small, or maybe the heatwave. Or maybe there were other magical forces at work. Who knows. Anyway, that’s all form the Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest 2022. Thanks for following and see you next year.


Slytherin Sunflower Impersonates Voldemort

Is Slytherin 1 dead? It’s head looks dead and shrivelled but then so did Voldemort and we know how that turned out.

Meanwhile, Team Hufflepuff and Team Ravenclaw are battling it out at the top of the team leaderboard with Ravenclaw 1 currently standing tallest at 83 cm.

SunflowerHeight in cms 26/062022
Ravenclaw 183
Hufflepuff 178
Hufflepuff 276
Ravenclaw 276
Slytherin 275
Gryffindor 169
Slytherin 167
Muggle 266
Muggle 162
Gryffindor 258

House Points Leaderboard

Team Hufflepuff170
Team Ravenclaw170
Team Slytherin100
Team Gryffindor60
Team Muggle50

Will Slytherin 1 return, Voldemort style before judging day at the end of July?

Clever Team Ravenclaw and Cunning Team Slytherin top the leaderboard

The sunflowers in the Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest 2022 have been measured again to track their progress.

Hufflepuff 1 is the tallest sunflower at this stage (40 cm) but its teammate, Hufflepuff 2, is one of the smallest. This means Team Hufflepuff sit mid table on the House Points Leaderboard.

Team Ravenclaw and Team Slytherin seem to have figured out their tactics, realising they need both flowers to grow high for a team win.

SunflowerHeight in cms 15/05/2022
Hufflepuff 140
Ravenclaw 135
Slytherin 132
Slytherin 232
Ravenclaw 232
Muggle 231
Gryffindor 131
Muggle 130
Hufflepuff 230
Gryffindor 227

Team Muggle have gone from top to second bottom of the leaderboard, and Team Gryffindor, well, maybe they are saving themselves for a big finish.

See the scoring system here.

House Points Leaderboard:

Team Ravenclaw150
Team Slytherin150
Team Hufflepuff120
Team Muggle80
Team Gryffindor50

Check out the teams here.

Thank you for following and getting behind your favorite team.

Muggles Take an Early Lead

The first measurements have been taken in the Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest 2022.

The tallest flowers so far are Hufflepuff 1 and Muggle 1 both coming in at 16 cms. Each team has two flowers contributing points.

SunflowerHeight in cms 01/05/2022
Hufflepuff 116
Muggle 116
Ravenclaw 114
Gryffindor 213
Slytherin 113
Slytherin 213
Muggle 212
Ravenclaw 211
Gryffindor 111
Hufflepuff 210

Team Hufflepuff may have the joint tallest flower, but they also have the smallest flower, meaning Team Muggle top the leaderboard at this stage. See the scoring system here.

House Points Leaderboard:

Team Muggle130
Team Hufflepuff110
Team Ravenclaw110
Team Slytherin110
Team Gryffindor90

Team Muggle:




The Loud Lambs

Team Hufflepuff:



Mommy Bear


Team Ravenclaw:

Dave H


Mazza B


Team Gryffindor:



Team Slytherin:

Laura Lemming

It’s not too late to join a team.

Slytherins, don’t be shy. No one is judging your house allegiance here. The only thing being judged is the sunflowers!

The Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest is back!

The Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest is back for 2022 and this time it’s even more magical!

The sunflowers are competing on behalf of the Hogwarts houses. And, not wanting to exclude the non magical folk, there is also a team for muggles.

Join your team here: https://forms.gle/nFXTc7DsVFnx6G198

Not sure which Hogwarts house you belong in? Take the test here (or, if you don’t know what a Hogwarts house is, you are probably a muggle): https://jojodebrazza.com/tag/hogwarts-house/


Each team consists of two sunflowers. On judging day (usually early August) the flowers are measured. The following points will be awarded:

Tallest = 100 points

2nd tallest = 90 points

3rd tallest = 80 points

4th tallest = 70 points

5th tallest = 60 points

6th tallest = 50 points

7th tallest = 40 points

8th tallest = 30 points

9th tallest = 20 points

Smallest = 10 points

Deceased, eaten by rabbits, fallen, missing = 0 points

The team with the most points wins!

Prize = House/muggle pride

Sign up to show your allegiance. Or just follow along.

Good luck!

And the winners of the Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest 2020 are…

Naughty is the tallest flower of 2020, measuring in at a whopping 295cm. Carmma was determined to be the prettiest flower of the contest.

Naughty was so tall the judges had difficulty reaching the top to take the measurement.

Diane collected the prize on behalf of Naughty.

Measurements and judges comments for all competitors are below:

Sunflower Height in cms Judges comments
Naughty 295 Championi, championi, ole, ole, ole
Sprilbey 247 Wished it lived next door
Moomins 244 Good girth
Dennis 240 Solid candidate
Baby G 237 G for gorgeous
Steclaire 237 Furry
Bears 224 Late for the yellow BBQ
Shmelling 222 Big head
Gramps 215 Uninspiring
Team USA 210 Looks like Mr Tickle
Flower 210 Didn’t stick to its own lane
Carmma 189 Magnificent specimen
Holts 186 Disappointing
Wooper 172 Looks like it’s praying
Fozzy 164 Late for the party
Buddha 161 Late for the party
Knoxley 130 Knoxley sized head
Helomi 127 Late for the party
Bull-Knox 110 Proof the competition is not fixed
Carmma, the prettiest flower.

So that concludes the Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest 2020. Congratulations to the winners. And to the losers, there is always next year!

Have these sunflowers bloomed too soon?

More sunflowers have shown their yellow faces in the Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest 2020.

Bull-Knox and Wooper were first to bloom and have now been followed by Sprilbey, Shmelling Gramps, and Knoxley.

With judging day still two weeks away, the keen flowers may find they have peaked too soon.

Flowers will judged on 1st August with the tallest and the prettiest being crowned winners.

Naughty is currently the tallest. Can she hang on to the high spot?

Wooper and Bull-Knox First to Bloom

Sunflowers, Wooper and Bull-Knox, have bloomed in the Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest 2020.

Bull-Knox was the first to show its pretty face and was shortly followed by Wooper.


As pretty as these leaders are, they may have blown their chance at winning the contest. Early bloomers often stop growing, and their looks may have faded before the contest judging day where the tallest and the prettiest sunflowers are crowned.

Still, they look great now and it’s the taking part that counts.

Wooper, Naughty, Sprilbey, Shmelling, and Gramps.

Shmelling is the tallest so far! Will she be caught?

Naughty sunflower still leading the way

Four sunflowers are peeking over the side fence. Naughty, who was first to sprout, was also the first to reach fence height in the Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest 2020. She was shortly followed by neighbouring competitors,  Shmelling, Sprilbey and Wooper.

Positions to the right of the side fence seem to be the place to be with all flowers growing well. Helomi is still struggling height wise in the middle of the fence, although she appears to be healthy.

Sunflowers along the side fence
Team side fence

Four of the sunflowers along the front fence were late to the party  and have some catching up to do.

sunflowers along a blue fence
Front fence squad

All competitors are enjoying the sunshine and will be hoping for more in their quest to advance skywards.

New arrivals take their places

Steclaire, Buddha, Carmma and Holts finally made it to Fort Bull-Knox on Sunday. They had initially been too weak or hadn’t sprouted and organisers feared they would all make an early exit from the Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest 2020. The troubled plants were given extra time under the special care of Moomin Papa and have all made fantastic recoveries.

Two spares had been planted at the outset and, as all the original competitors have made it into the Fort Bull-Knox garden, the spares were adopted by two keen sunflower contest fans. Welcome to the contest and good luck to Dennis and Fozzy.

All of the arrivals were planted in random order along the front fence.

Meanwhile, the plants along the side fence have been growing well, with the exception of Helomi. There’s always one!

The flowers were measured on 17th May 2020 and here are the standings.

Team USA 40
Shmelling 39.5
Knoxley 39
Bull-Knox 38
Flower 38
Wooper 38
Baby G 37
Gramps 36
Naughty 36
Moomins 32
Sprilbey 28
Steclaire 26
Bears 22
Helomi 19
Dennis 19
Carmma 9
Holts 9
Fozzy 8
Buddha 5

 Team USA is leading the way.

Sunflower plant Tallest

Buddha needs some encouragement.

Tiny sunflower Smallest