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Team Hufflepuff Take the Lead

Team Hufflepuff’s herbology skills are paying off. Both their flowers have grown by over 20 cms since the last measurements were taken two weeks ago. Professor Sprout would be proud! Can they hang on to the top spot until judging day at the end of July.

SunflowerHeight in cms 15/05/2022
Hufflepuff 161
Ravenclaw 153
Hufflepuff 253
Slytherin 151
Ravenclaw 249
Muggle 248
Gryffindor 146
Slytherin 244
Muggle 139
Gryffindor 237

House Points Leaderboard:

Team Hufflepuff180
Team Ravenclaw150
Team Slytherin100
Team Muggle80
Team Gryffindor50


How to make a Hufflepuff bag

I’m fairly new to knitting and craftiness in general but considering this was one of my first attempts at ‘making’ I’m quite proud of this little Harry Potter inspired creation.

I ended up making two versions due to my dog’s liking for chewing shoe laces!

Hufflepuff bag with laces handle
Short handle version (handle made with shoe laces)

Hufflepuff bag with strap made of felt
Long handle version (handle made with felt)

I used the following items:

For the bag:
Yellow wool
Black wool
Size 3 needles
6 inch closed zip
2 x 15 mm D rings
An old T-shirt

For the handle:
Short handle – 140 cm black round laces (pair) and 140 cm yellow round laces (pair)
Long handle – 150 cm strip of yellow felt


1. Using the yellow wool cast on 32 stitches
2. Stocking stitch 12 rows of yellow (knit row, purl row…)
3. Work in black wool and stocking stitch for two rows
4. Switch back to yellow wool and stocking stitch for two rows
5. Change to black wool and stocking stitch for two rows
6. Repeat steps two to five 6 more times
7. Finish with 12 rows of yellow so both ends are the same
8. Cast off the yellow wool and bind off leaving enough yarn to join one side
9. Cut the black wool leaving enough to join the other side
10. Join both sides together
11. Cut a piece of an old T-shirt to 6.5 inches by 14.5 inches
12. Fold in half and stitch the sides together
13. Put the liner inside the knitted bag and stitch the two together around the top
14. Sew on the zip across the top of the bag
15. Sew on the D rings to either side of the bag about an inch from the top

Make the handle (shorter version using laces):
1. Use an elastic band to keep all four laces together at one end
2. Fish tail plait the laces all the way along
3. Use an elastic band to secure the other end
4. Tie the ends of the handle to the D rings making sure the knot is tight
5. Remove elastic bands


Hufflepuff bag with laces handle
Short handle version (handle made with shoe laces)

I wanted to wear my bag cross body so that it sat in front of my hip. However, the handle in the  version above was too short to allow that. My dog is either a Slytherin and doesn’t like Hufflepuff or just helped me to decide that I needed a longer handle by chewing the laces up and destroying the strap.
Dog destroys a Hufflepuff bag
Damage to Hufflepuff bag strap after dog has chewed it


So I made myself a longer handle out of yellow felt.

Make the handle (longer version):
1. Cut a 150 cm by 3 cm strip of yellow felt
2. Fold the first cm over along the length and pin
3. Fold the other edge over the first so it sits just over half way and pin
4. Sew all the way down the middle of the felt
5. Pass one end through one of the D rings, fold over and sew to  secure
6. Pass the other end through the other D ring, fold over and sew to secure


Hufflepuff bag with strap made of felt
Long handle version (handle made with felt)

I can’t wait to wear my new handmade Hufflepuff bag. I just hope the dog doesn’t get to it first!