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Two Gryffindors Dead as Slytherin Wins Contest

The Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest came to a grizzly end yesterday with six of the ten competing sunflowers, including both Gryffindors, declared dead.

The four surviving flowers were judged to declare the tallest sunflower the winner: Slytherin!

None of the flowers excelled well this contest. This may have been due to the pots being too small, or maybe the heatwave. Or maybe there were other magical forces at work. Who knows. Anyway, that’s all form the Bull-Knox Sunflower Contest 2022. Thanks for following and see you next year.


Slytherin Sunflower Impersonates Voldemort

Is Slytherin 1 dead? It’s head looks dead and shrivelled but then so did Voldemort and we know how that turned out.

Meanwhile, Team Hufflepuff and Team Ravenclaw are battling it out at the top of the team leaderboard with Ravenclaw 1 currently standing tallest at 83 cm.

SunflowerHeight in cms 26/062022
Ravenclaw 183
Hufflepuff 178
Hufflepuff 276
Ravenclaw 276
Slytherin 275
Gryffindor 169
Slytherin 167
Muggle 266
Muggle 162
Gryffindor 258

House Points Leaderboard

Team Hufflepuff170
Team Ravenclaw170
Team Slytherin100
Team Gryffindor60
Team Muggle50

Will Slytherin 1 return, Voldemort style before judging day at the end of July?